23 June 2018

Find out how to raise your
commodity business to a new level

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One of Europe’s top Amazon-oriented events

Unique specialized experience for Amazon
entrepreneurs and investors in CIS
(Commonwealth of Independent States)

  • 7 hours

    Of practical content and
    operational schemes

  • 7 speakers

    Experts in Amazon business with
    worth millions turnovers

  • 500 participants

    Eager to succeed

  • Most relevant knowledge

    Tried and tested

Speakers of Amazon Business Forum 2018

With worth millions monthly turnovers on Amazon

  • Ryan Moran

    Amazon-believer and enterpreneur with millions in turnover

    Thanks to Ryan, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been introduced to Amazon`s Private Label business model. His Freedom Fast Line enterpreneur community includes famous businessmen from the USA as well as Hollywood stars.

  • Will Tjernlund

    FBA-expert and enterpreneur with turnover of more than $10 million.

    Will has developed a method for accelerating the start of Private Label. Now, Will is sharing his experience with other enterpreneurs within his own project Goat Consulting. Also Will manages his own brand "Bad Boy" and travels the world.

  • Casey Gauss

    Amazon-software developer, techno-genius, start-up creator and millionaire

    Casey has created Viral Launch - as one of the best and most effective software for the product promotion on Amazon. Having launched dozens of Private Label projects - he has gained a unique experience and he knows exactly how Amazon works from the inside and he is willing to share this information with others.

  • Kevin King

    Online enterpreneur with experience, millionaire, traveller

    Kevin has been in the on-line business since 1995, on Amazon from 1999, in Private Label from 2015. His very first brand has reached $1.8 mln of sales in less than one year. Kevin is often refered as a guru on Amazon and marketing.

  • Tyrone Odiowei

    Amazon-enterpreneur with turnover of more that $1 million a year

    Tyrone lived on the unemployment benefit some three years ago. Now his income is well over $150`000 a month and he owns a Company called Inner Circle Mastermind. What exactly had changed the situation? That was Amazon and systematization of the business approaches from the world of large corporations.

  • Gil Francis Lang

    Amazon enthusiast and coach is the founder of the brand in the category "Food"

    The purchasing manager`s experience and the independent training in on-line marketing came in handy. The courages step paid off: since 2014 Gil built a strong sports brand. It helps companies successfully sell throughout Europe and use the Amazon site to strengthen their brand.

  • Coran Woodmass

    Founder and Managing Partner of The FBA Broker

    Coran built the world’s first business brokerage to focus exclusively on selling Amazon FBA businesses. Since founding The FBA Broker Coran has worked with 100’s of buyers and sellers of FBA Brands. He also reports on all public FBA business sales, worldwide, each month called FBA Business Price Guide.

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Reports on the hottest topics

  • 1

    Will Tjernlund

    Zero to 2600 SKUs in 6 months

    • License the products
    • Creating master-catalog
    • Merchandise the catalog
    • Advertise the catalog (PPC, SMM etc.)
  • 2

    Kevin King

    Immediately actionable hacks and strategies that could 3 to 10X your business

    • The 4 URLs every seller needs to know, plus a magical 5th one
    • How to test your images
    • How to find reviewers named “Amazon Customer”
    • How to spy on your competition
    • How to check your supplier
    • How to read 10 000 competitor reviews in less than 10 minutes and what to do with them
    • How to dominate on Amazon
    • Bonus!
  • 3

    Ryan Moran

    How To Pass $1 Million In No Time Flat, Amass Raving Fans and Buyers, and Grow To 8 Figures and Beyond

    • The updated path to go from zero to $1m in less than twelve months
    • How to get your products in front of non-Amazon channels that support your growth off of Amazon
    • Why even small brands can be acquired for millions of dollars
  • 4

    Gil Francis Lang

    What 99% of Amazon Sellers are desperately looking for AND how to get it in the simple steps

    • Product lifecycle
    • Ways to success
    • Multi-channel
    • Best Apps
    • Traffic sources
  • 5

    Tyrone Odiowei

    Systems and team building for massive growth and freedoms

    A basic method:
    • for recruiting and training an independent team
    • for growing faster
    • for gaining more freedom
  • 6

    Casey Gauss

    Essentials To Amazon Growth: How the Most Successful Brands on amazon are Building and Scaling

    • The launch of more products. Undiscovered markets and the expectation of being «found».
    • Product and listing optimization. Data analysis.
    • Searching results. The strategy of launching 35000+ products.
  • 7

    Coran Woodmass

    Buying/Selling FBA Businesses Trends & Opportunities 2018 and beyond!

    • Can you sell an FBA business/brand?
    • How to value an FBA business
    • Who is buying and why?
    • Biggest Opportunities

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It was an atmosphere that accumulate success and freedom in the air

  • Open communication, networking, team-up
    starting new projects
  • Insightful ideas and stories from the expert
    speakers millionaires of Amazon business
  • Inspiring and impressive performance and
  • High spirits and joyous party time after
    a productive day
  • Open communication, networking, team-up
    starting new projects
  • Insightful ideas and stories from the expert
    speakers millionaires of Amazon business
  • Inspiring and impressive performance and
  • High spirits and joyous party time after
    a productive day
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This is what the Forum participants
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Media reviews

Casey Gauss – creator of Viral Launch Service which algorisms help to improve and optimize Amazon product search rankings (bring products to the top of the Amazon search results). If you are a programming specialist – like Casey – or a marketing expert aware of Amazon’s possibilities but unwilling to engage in trade, then you must meet Casey and find out how entrepreneur services can help you earn millions
Amazon e-commerce hype tide has reached Ukraine. Its natural outcome was the creation of “Amazon Business Forum” – the event gathering up real business sharks where the number of attending Amazon-millionaires will skyrocket this year
Third annual forum “Amazon business” is entirely dedicated to one of the most vibrant on-line business models – Amazon Private Label
Публичные люди
The event can be called nothing but success, when you see people buying tickets for the next year Forum during the coffee-breaks! SalesHub’s primary mission is development of successful online-entrepreneurs community and assistance in launching businesses on Amazon - the largest trade platform in the USA.
You will get a unique chance to see the Amazon business from within, question experts and entrepreneurs, exchange contact information and learn more about the latest global on-line business.
All the speakers arriving to Kyiv this summer have the same thing in common: none of them thought of creating Amazon-related business at the beginning of their career. Eventually someway or other they discovered the opportunities of the platform and in several years created worth millions businesses.
The Kiev Amazon Forum is a 10-hour marathon with a lot of practical information, a space for free business communication, an exchange of experiences and finally, a sizzling after-party under the night sky. This year, the forum will bring together 750 Internet entrepreneurs and investors from around the World.
After quiting his study, this guy could not even dream about multi million income and his own company with 30 people working in it. With $50 in his pocket back in 2014, he created a platform Viral Launch for the fast product output to the top. Casey Gauss - a man (...) thanks to him (...) it was possible to create so many successful brands.
Purpose of this event is to create the idea hub for all who are wiling to build and develop their own business on Amazon. Entrepreneurs and start-ups will receive a powerful motivation a portion of professional content that is not widely available. This June event is going to become a turning point in the life of its guests.


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